Kamis, 25 April 2013

Disable WSDL Validation in Eclipse

In case diperlukan, berikut supaya eclipse wtp tidak memvalidasi file2 dengan extensi .wsdl. Umumnya, wsdl dari .net webservice akan memberikan warning karena npe dengan exception WSIAnalyzerException.

Untuk mendisablenya: Window -> Preferences, lalu pada tree sebelah kiri pilih Validation (top level), kemudian di properti table bagian tengah, uncheck WSDL Validator.

Rabu, 17 April 2013

ClojureScript, ini catatanku...

Simple nya, kalo setelah Java kemudian orang membuat JavaScript, nah, kalo ini, si empunya Clojure membuat ClojureScript. 

Ini catatan-catatan ringan seputar ClojureScript. 

Masuk kedalam clojurescript repl: 

Cara susahnya: 

(require '[cljs.repl :as repl])
(require '[cljs.repl.rhino :as rhino]) ;; require the rhino implementation of IJavaScriptEnv
(def env (rhino/repl-env)) ;; create a new environment
(repl/repl env) ;; start the REPL

Belajar bahasa pemrograman Clojure


Ada 4 golongan tipe composite data structure (a.k.a collection): (1) List, (2) Vector, (3) Map, dan (4) Set.

Literal untuk 4 collection diatas adalah sbb:

1. List: '(1 2 3)
2. Vector: [1 2 3]
3. Map: {:name "ridho" :age 33}
4. Set: #{1 2 3}

Selain dengan literal, ke 4 collection juga bisa dibuat dengan function, sbb:

1. List: (list 1 2 3)
2. Vector: (vector 1 2 3)
3. Map: (hash-map :name "ridho" :age 33), or (sorted-map :name "ridho" :age 33)
4. Set: (hash-set "ridho" "nabil" "batris"), or (sorted-set "ridho" "nabil" "batris")


Rabu, 03 April 2013


Long times since my last blog entry, many things hapens too. Now, instead of system/network admin, i was doing lot with development works.

It was about one and half year ago i take this job, starting with grasping with asp.net webform application, to asp.net mvc, to java ee, to spring platform and to clojure. It was a quite good timespan, and after think about it deeply, all i have been learned, none of them wasted.

Now i remember the first time struggling to use emacs and particularly elisp, and found its all payoff since last week i re found clojure, taking to it seriously in that i feel this language emerging all my knowledges.

Blogging wise, whith this invention of clojure, i also feels the need to start blogging again.